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The main objective of the Agricultural Economics and Policy Group is to improve the understanding of linkages between policies and production and risk management decisions taken in the agricultural and food sector. Our mission is i) to better understand the decisions taken by farmers and firms in the agribusiness and ii) to contribute to evaluation and design of agricultural policies and risk management instruments.

Our research activities cover a wide range of topics related to agricultural production, sustainable resource use, agricultural policy and the food industry. Building upon microeconomic theory, our research is quantitatively oriented and highly interdisciplinary.

Our teaching activities mainly contribute to the Bachelor and Master programs in Agricultural Sciences, (MABA) where we provide introductory and advanced courses in the field of agricultural economics.

The Agricultural Economics and Policy Group belongs to the Department of Management, Technology and Economics (D-MTEC) and is also part of the Department of Environmental System Science (D-USYS). We are affiliated with the Institute for Environmental Decisions (IED) and associated member at the Institute for Agricultural Sciences (IAS) and the World Food System Center.(WFSC)

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