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The SURE-Farm project

Towards SUstainable and REsilient EU FARMing systems (SURE-Farm)”. Concerns exist about the viability of EU farming systems. In this four-year project we aim to design concrete pathways to improve the resilience of farming systems. The project addresses determinants of resilience, potential improvements of risk management strategies, drivers of farm demographics, and strengths and weaknesses of the existing policy framework. Expected impacts are assessed with regard to the delivery of private and public goods. SURE-Farm is led by Wageningen University & Research. In total, the consortium includes 16 partners (13 countries) and has a strong transdisciplinary approach with active roles for e.g. upstream and downstream value chain actors and insurance companies.


Work package on Risk Management

The AECP group is leading a work package related to risk management in European agriculture. The goal of the work package is to comprehensively understand farmers’ risk behaviour and risk management decisions and develop and test a set of effective and usable risk management strategies and decision support tools that farmers can use to cope with increasing economic, environmental and social uncertainties/risks, including meso/macro level public-private solutions dealing with extreme weather events. In total, 11 case study regions in Europe are addressed.


AECP Research on New strategies for extreme weather

Next to leading this work package, the AECP group also contributes a research project (project for a PhD student). In the task ‘New strategies for extreme weather’ we aim to improve existing and develop novel private and public-private tools that are tailored to address the reduction of downside risks and mitigate the effects of extreme weather events on income. We focus on two tools that have potential to be both efficient and able to overcome the asymmetric information problems of traditional insurance approaches: (1) weather index insurance (WII) and (2) the use of remote sensing data to design insurance. Different case studies in European crop and livestock production will be employed.  



Contact AECP Group, ETH Zurich: Robert Finger ()

Contact SURE-Farm consortium: Miranda Meuwissen, Wageningen University & Research ()


Funding Period: 2017-2021


Funding: Horizon 2020 (European Commission)

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