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Values of species diversity in grassland production – An ecological economic assessment     Read more



Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center -Mercator Fellowship Program - Bridging Plant Science and Society

Economic analysis of pesticide use 

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2015-2016     Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG


Portfolio management to value grassland ecosystem goods and services in Swiss agriculture
Read more

2017-2018 ETH Zurich Research Grant


Determinants of risk management in Swiss agriculture – the example of Drosophila Suzukii

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2016-2019 Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG& Task Force Drosophila suzukii (Agroscope)


Theoretical foundations and empirical specification of decision rules in agricultural agent-based modelling approaches: Current state and future prospects. Read more

2016-2017 Swiss National Science Foundation (International exploratory workshop)


Economic analysis of reducing greenhouse gas emissions on farm and regional level: Evaluation of the AgroCO2ncept program in Flaachtal (Switzerland) Read more

2017-2021 Federal Office for Agriculture


Towards SUstainable and REsilient EU FARMing systems  read more

2017-2021 Horizon 2020 (European Commission)
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