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Our vision is to make data, code, software and other information generated in our research available to other researchers and the public as often as possible. Here, we will provide links to the archives and licenses used.


Software and Models


S_INTAGRAL S_INTAGRAL (Swiss INTegrated AGricultural ALlocation model) is a recursive dynamic linear optimization model created by Simon Peter and Werner Hediger. Please find license, documentation and program codes here. February 2016.


ALUAM. The Alpine Land-Use Allocation Model (ALUAM) is a spatially explicit, agent-based land-use model. The model is calibrated and validated for the Visp region, an inner-alpine mountain area in Switzerland. ALUAM had been used in various scientific case studies addressing climate change, ecosystem service provision and policy evaluation. License, documentation and code can be found here.  November 2016.


Data and Codes



Supplementary data and codes to the article Finger, R., Listorti, G. Tonini, A. (2017). The Swiss payment for milk processed into cheese: ex-post and ex-ante analysis. Agricultural Economics. In Press are available here

Supplementary data and codes to the article Dalhaus, T., Finger, R. (2016). Can Gridded Precipitation Data and Phenological Observations Reduce Basis Risk of Weather Index-based Insurance? Weather, Climate and Society 8, 409–419 are available here  

Supplementary data and codes to the article Böcker, T., Finger, R. (2017). A Meta-Analysis on the Elasticity of Demand for Pesticides. Journal of Agricultural Economics (In Press) are available here


Supplementary data to the article Böcker, T., Finger, R. (2016). European Pesticide Tax Schemes in Comparison: An Analysis of Experiences and Developments. Sustainability 8(4), 378; doi: 10.3390/su8040378 is available here



Digitalization of 'IAW Schriftenreihe'

The hardcopies of the report series of the former institute for agricultural economics (Institut für Agrarwirtschaft IAW) at ETH Zurich, ‘IAW Schriftenreihe’ have been digitalized. More than 50 reports that have been published from 1991 till 2004 are now available via the e-collection of ETH.  

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