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We are looking forward to supervise students for their Bachelor and Master theses. Please find proposals for Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses from our group in the lists below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

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Open Topics

Kosten-Nutzen Analyse von alternativen präventiven biologischen Pflanzenschutzmaßnahmen in der Schweiz

Im Kontext aktueller Pläne zur Reduzierung von Risiken aus dem Pflanzenschutzmitteleinsatz sollen Kosten und Nutzen alternativer (biologischer) Kontrollmassnahmen und konventioneller Massnahmen in dieser Bachelorarbeit verglichen werden. Read more 

The prohibition of neonicotinoids in Switzerland – economic effects on rapeseed cultivation and a temporal-spatial approach to pest reduction

Following the temporary ban on neonicotinoids and its consequences for Swiss rapeseed production, a new innovative tool for pest control shall be discussed and assessed: the temporal and spatial coordination of crop choices. Read more 

Risk aversion and the use of pesticides of Swiss fruit farmers – the example of fire blight

The interplay of risk preferences and pesticide use in Swiss fruit production shall be assessed using information of warning systems for fire blight, as well as records of actual pesticide use. Read more 

Pflanzenschutzmitteleinsatz im Schweizer Obstbau – Indikatoren und mögliche Effekte einer Regulierung

Eine Vielzahl von Indikatoren zur Evaluation des Pflanzenschutzmitteleinsatzes ist in der Literatur gebräuchlich. Unterschiede sowie Aussagekraft der unterschiedlichen Indikatoren sollen in dieser Bachelorarbeit (insbesondere im Schweizer) Kontext analysiert werden. Read more 

An economic valuation of the effect of climatic extremes on grassland yields and the role of species diversity.

The thesis aims to give insights into the reaction of grasslands to climatic extremes, with focus on the role of SD. Further it should be assessed what altering SD implies for farmers’ utility. Read more 

How to measure the influence of social networks on farmers’ decision-making?

This thesis gives in depth insights into different methods designed to measure the influence of social networks on farmers' decision-making. Read more 

Institutional risks and investment decisions

This thesis employs real option theory and identifies the effects of institutional risk caused by frequent policy reforms on investment and disinvestment decisions in Swiss agriculture. Read more 

Innovative Diversifikationsmodelle in der Schweiz

Die Arbeit analysiert die unternehmerischen Characteristiken von Landwirten mit besonderen Diversifikationsaktivitäten in der Schweiz. Read more 

The economics of farms` online sales strategies

Farms` online direct sales are becoming of increasing importance in Switzerland. Questions arising concern on the one hand growing consumer demand for regional produce and on the other hand economic benefits involved for farmers. Aim of this thesis is to investigate the economics of online direct sales from the farmers` point of view by providing an overview and economic analysis of the current status of Swiss farmers` online sales strategies. Basis for the analysis is a literature review including theoretical approaches for farms` direct sales as well as previous empirical findings. Moreover, a quantitative overview of the current state of Swiss farmers` online sales activities shall be provided by a descriptive analysis of primary and secondary data. Read more 

Political network analysis of the agricultural policy reform 2014-17 in Switzerland

Study of the latest agricultural policy reform in Switzerland (AP14-17) using a political network analysis. Comparison with the reform before (AP 2011) and interpretation of the results in the light of the upcoming referendum “Ernährungssicherheit”. Read more 


Within the project DROSOPHRISK we are looking for motivated students to write Bachelor or Master Thesis. Read more 

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